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Top quality, hand forged, custom silver and gold jewelry incorporating small hand blown glass, authentic sea glass, ocean stones, shells, sapphire, wampum, precious stones and pearls, made by Leanne Silva and signed 
La Sil. Studio La Sil ® (the fire arts studio of Leanne Silva) has moved from the ocean of beautiful Cape Cod and is in search for a new place to fuel her fire. Leanne Silva's pseudonym, La Sil works as a jeweler, as well as a glass lampworker. La Sil gathers inspiration from the natural elements that is released into her work. The difference between Studio La Sil ® and other jewelry stores is the product is being made in the same space as the gallery. So the glass and jewelry studio is literally in front of you, surrounded by finished jewelry and small glass. Please take note, The Studio is moving. Your piece may also be custom engraved with an inspirational quote, date, name or initials. 
The jewelry collections shown on this website are made exclusively by La Sil ® and are categorized by design, as well as influence.  Craftsmanship guaranteed. 
*Recycle or cash in your gold, stones and pearls to be used towards new projects, including resets! 
I am proud to announce that Studio La Sil, the art of jewelry ® has won 
2010 GOLD award for Best Jewelry Shop on the Outer Cape
by Cape Cod Life Magazines' Readers Poll!

Thank you to all that has made this dream a reality!!
**The Studio has moved out of the Provincetown area due to water damage**
Current information can be found on the new La Sil Blog page!
Studio La Sil has a new phone number! (508) 964-2001

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Artist Statement 

As I sit in my studio/gallery, Studio La Sil, the art of jewelry, on the tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, I hear the sound of breaking waves outside the window. The lively arts community and breathtaking expanses of natural beauty provide a wellspring of creative inspiration that is released into my work. It is the natural elements--from ocean stones, to pastel seaglass, to the ocean breeze--that have manifested themselves into my finished pieces of jewelry.

However, I did not just land here at the earth's edge in Provincetown immediately. My past experiences leading up to the present have been crucial to my artistic growth. During my adolescence, after graduating cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Metalsmithing and Jewelry from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, I spent several years working extensively as a goldsmith, as well as a glass artist. It was during this time that my imagination was ignited--quite literally--by the natural elements used in creating jewelry. From the fire derived from glass flameworking, to the metals from which intricate designs were forged, to the rolling ocean, and finally to more abstract concepts, such as love--the inspirations kept whispering; they have since refused to keep quiet. 

From thereon, I found my passion, and along with it, more experience. As Joseph Campbell said, "Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there are only walls." And so it was true for me. Listening to music also affects my what and sometimes dictates what piece to create. Sometimes I listen to country music, heavy metal, and Van Halen, eating my favorite tofu. Gradually, as my interests expanded outward into glass artistry, I went on to work large scale glass out of a hot shop, and finally, moved to working small glass from the flame, also known as lampworking or flameworking (torch), to transform glass into jewelry. Our current project includes working on damascus steel with our jewels. We don't use hydrochloric acid in our works, everything is naturally carved.

From that point on, pursuing my goals became more fluid. Propelled forward with my newly-earned bachelor's degree, earning more goldsmith and glass experience by the moment, I became a member of  the Society of North American Goldsmiths. I opened a retail store called the Jewelry Studio with a business partner. It was at this jewelry store/studio that I began to create many of my most popular collections, such as The Wave, The Bubble, and The Ocean Breeze, that are still being made to date.  

Finally, I decided to move from my co-owned store to lively, eclectic, Provincetown, Massachusetts. In 2008, the doors to Studio La Sil opened, along with the doors to my dreams.  In the following year, I gained more momentum: I was a finalist for the 2009 Christy Wright Scholarship for Glass Art from the Penland School of Crafts. Recently, I had the honor of studying with renowned glass artist Sue Ellen Fowler at The Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass, in Corning, New York. I've had my work featured in full-length, front-page articles of publications such as The Provincetown Banner, Cape Cod Magazine, and Cape Cod Life. I also became a member of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, as well as the American Craft Council. The biggest thrill, however came when my jewelry store, Studio La Sil, was granted the 2010 Cape Cod Life Gold Award, given to the best jewelry store on the Outer Cape. My work has been sold internationally. I currently continue to own and operate the aforementioned gallery with a working glass and jewelry studio on the premises, Studio La Sil, the art of jewelry on Commercial Street, in Provincetown.  

This brings me to where I am today: in the present gold moment. In the front window of my store, you can observe me working glass on the torch, as well as fabricating and designing jewelry from a rough form to a polished piece of wearable art. All pieces are signed La Sil and engraved with the title of the piece, than arranged into collections by design and influence.

Studio La Sil ® ~ The Gallery

To reiterate, the difference between Studio La Sil ® and other jewelry stores is the product is being made in the same space as the gallery. So the glass and jewelry studio is literally in front of you, surrounded by the finished product; jewelry and small glass. Studio La Sil ® also features other designers and local artists.

La Sil ® ~ Jeweler and Glass Lampworker 

The Glass Earth Freeform slide pendant(above) *available in a variety of colors, as well as two tone metal (14k yellow gold and silver / price will vary) A great one of a kind wearable piece of art jewelry, made by the ocean. Slide this pendant on silver, gold or leather necklace for a fantastic look that you will find nowhere else.     

Pinneapple Bottle

Glass lampworked bottle (above) made with borosilicate glass. Made by La Sil.  The Corning Museum of Glass with renowned glass artist and original colorist, Sue Ellen Fowler.

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