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Flood your senses with exotic scents of places you've just missed remembering. While you're at it, put them in a gorgeous glass bottle. Because good scents do come in beautiful packages. And beauty is more than skin-deep; it is everywhere. And some things are what they seem: beautiful. 

What is Lampworking?

Lampworking, also known as Flameworking is manipulating glass rods and tubes on a torch to produce solid and hollow work. Color is achieved by mixing metal oxides and clear glass together, pulled into rods when molten, then applied. 

La Sils' glass lampwork studio is featured in her gallery, Studio La Sil, the art of jewelry on Cape Cod, Mass. There in the front window, you can observe her working glass on her torch, as well as fabricating jewelry from a rough form to a polished piece of wearable art.

The Pineapple Bottle (above) was real fun to make. It is made up of two pieces. The leaves form the dropper of the bottle.

The Starfish (above) was derived from a glass bubble, layered with color, then cut when molten to form this 5 pointed star.

The Ornament (on the right), hand blown with a pulled point. Decorate the tree or simply hang in the kitchen window to catch the light. The saturated, transparent colors will bring a glow to your day.

This piece was selected and featured in the article, "Silva makes Beauty with the Alchemy of Fire" in the Provincetown Banner, December 11, 2008.

The Baby Bottle with dropper (above) is made with homemade, hand mixed color. My favorite, amber/purple, which varies from ambers to purples depending on flame characteristic and can be used accordingly. 

The Yellow Bottle (above) was exhibited in the "Yellow" show at provincetown art association and museum. It was a beneficial response to new work.

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