Ocean Stones and Sea Glass Jewelry Collections

Sea glass, also known as beach glass is one of life's simplest, most underestimated pleasures. It is glass found on beaches along oceans or large lakes that has been tumbled and smoothed by the water and sand, creating small pieces of smooth, frosted glass. Here on Cape Cod, not even the smallest piece of natural beauty goes unnoticed. This material is found and infused into La Sils' Sea Glass Jewelry Collection. Not only inspired by the natural elements, but this authentic sea glass is set into jewelry. You may even bring in some sea glass of your own and I will set it into a piece of jewelry for you.  

The Ocean Stone Jewelry Collection is one unlike any other. Picture this: the waves crash as a natural tumbler until the rocks become smooth before being tossed onto the beach. While walking during sunset, I was so infused with inspiration that I decided to create this collection to play upon the natural talents of the ocean. Bear in mind, these ocean stones have been tumbled by the ocean for thousands of years. This lends these pieces a texture so smooth, so wearable, that you'll never want to take them off. The stones are smooth and soothing to the touch as worry beads, yet the calming effect they provide is akin to listening to the wave's crash at dusk. 

The picture to the right was taken by La Sil ® at Race Point Beach in Provincetown. The sunsets here are absolutely amazing and I want you to see a glimpse of this extraordinary natural beauty that should be cherished. It is moments like this that I embrace and release into my work. 


Forged textured Bangle Bunch with a Bound Ocean Stone.(above) The bangles are also sold separately in three textures, rippled, faceted or hammered. The textured sand sculpted by the ocean currents are used as a basis in forging texture into the metal. 


What's the fun of deriving inspiration if I can't share it with you? The Race Point Beach at low-tide (above) This is my creative co-conspirator: the ocean at low-tide; the well from which I draw inspiration. 

The Ocean Stone Pearl Drop pendants (above)      in a variety of colors

 One of a kind, asymmetrical authentic sea glass necklace. (above)

 The Seaglass Ring (above). Once again, a stunning representation of what happens to glass when ravaged by the beauty of the most powerful of all elements: the sea. 

Race Point Beach Sunset (above), photo by La Sil ®

 The Ocean Stone Plummet necklace (above) 16" with extender features a rustic blackened finish on black leather. Also available in natural silver with tan leather. Ocean Stones vary from black to light grey. This super sexy necklace plummets down the chest bringing out only natural beauty.

 The Ocean Stone Pearl Drop pendant (above) with matching chain, is elegance at its finest. It is a small treasure paired with top quality fresh water pearls, semi precious or precious stone drops. It comes in a variety of colors shown to the left. Perfect and as versatile to wear with a suit to the office, or a suit to the beach.

The Ocean Stone Pearl Drop pendant is also available as a Sea Glass Pearl Drop pendant. The same look only with frosted authentic beach glass instead of the ocean stone!


The sea glass Love Wrap (above), represents two souls spiraling together in everlasting love and commitment throughout eternity. Made with authentic sea glass found on the beaches of Cape Cod and forged by La Sil ® in sterling silver. 

Below is a piece of cape cod coral that was made into a Love Wrap, for a sentimental custom order.


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